About JC

Since launching his flying career, JC has logged over 19,000 hours in dozens of aircraft types. He holds ATP (SEL,MEL) and Flight Instructor certificates and is type rated in B727, B737, B757, B767, CE500, CE525S, CE560XL and IA-JET and is a FAAST Team Representative.

He became an FAA Examiner in 2006 and is authorized to conduct Sport, Private, Commercial, ATP, CFI, Instrument-Airplane, Multi-engine airplane, Instrument and Multi-engine Instructor and Remote check rides. He is also authorized for type rating check rides in the Citation 500 Series, Citation 525 and 525S CJ Series, and the Citation 560XL/XLS, and for Citation 500 Single Pilot Exemption.

JC was a pilot and line check airman with ATA Airlines from 1983 to 2007, chaired the Runway Incursion Working Group, among others, and worked with the FAA and various government agencies, the ICAO Disruptive Passenger Task Force, and the Airlines for America Litigation Committee. For 15 years he was active in Part 135 operations as a chief pilot and director of operations.

He received bachelors and graduate degrees from Indiana University and is currently a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, AOPA, NBAA, Lawyer-Pilots Bar Assn., and the Aviation Lawyers Association. He teaches Aviation Law at the Indiana University McKinney School of Law, chairs the Indiana Aviation Hall of Fame, is a Trustee of the Grissom Air Museum, and volunteers with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

What To Bring

Proper planning is key to a successful checkride. When scheduling your checkride, please make sure you have the following required items:

  • IACRA applicant FTN1
  • Current medical certificate/BasicMed
  • Government issued photo ID
       (Type rating applicants must bring a current and valid US passport.
        A list of acceptable photo and government ID's besides a valid US driver's licenses (ie: Student ID,
       Tribal ID, etc) can be found on IACRA.)
  • Current pilot certificate
  • Pilot's logbook with record of ground training
  • Full name and certificate numbers for Applicant and recommending CFI
  • Written test results for applicable certificate/rating
  • If required for the practical test, a completed Cross Country planning document and Weight & Balance for the flight assigned by the examiner
  • Required instructor endorsements for applicable certificate and/or rating
  • AROW documents and maintenance logs for the aircraft to be used
  • Examiner's fee

Contact me directly for fees associated with your checkride. If you are ready, please click here to schedule your checkride.

1The FAA requires that all applications proceed through IACRA. Paper 8710 forms are disfavored and should not be used except under special circumstances and only if IACRA is not available. There will be a $50 charge for processing paper forms.

FAA Practical Tests

Authorized for these FAA practical tests:

  • Cessna CE-500 Type Rating
  • Cessna CE-525/525S (all models) Type Rating
  • Cessna CE-560XL/XLS Type Rating
  • FAR 61.58 Proficiency Checks: CE-500 Series; CE-525/525S Series; CE-560XL/XLS Series
  • Citation 500 Series Single Pilot Exemptions (Exemption 11421C)
  • Private Pilot - single and multiengine land
  • Sport Pilot
  • Instrument Rating - airplane
  • Commercial Pilot - single and multiengine land
  • Airline Transport Pilot - single and multiengine
  • Certified Flight Instructor - airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor - instrument airplane (add on)
  • Certified Flight Instructor - multiengine airplane (add on)
  • Certified Flight Instructor - renewal/reinstatement
  • Remote Pilot (drone)

Type Rating/Proficiency Check

A Type Rating, Proficiency Check, or Single Pilot Exemption in your Cessna Citation, CJ, or X. You can combine your PC or type rating with an original ATP certificate. Endorsements vary.

  • Cessna 500 Series
  • Cessna 525 Series
  • Cessna 560 XL/XLS Series

Schedule an Exam

Use this form to schedule your checkride with me. Please make sure that you have all the necessary prerequisites completed as outlined here.


Please contact me if you have additional questions regarding your checkride. If you wish to schedule a checkride, please click here

  (317) 225-2757